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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm remiss. I just don't seem to have a blogworthy thing to say anymore.

What's new...

A family member is getting a new puppy, a flat coated retriever and I cannot wait to hold and play with the little gal or guy. She won't know which pup is hers until next Sunday as the breeder calls the shots on what dog goes to what family. At first I didn't like that idea, but after meeting K. A. the breeder, and seeing how fantastic he is, I know he's right.

He's a good judge of people and a magnificent judge of animals and can match the pup with the proper owner as he knows the pups so well. I've been a Golden lover my whole life, but I do think if I get another dog (not now as I have the two old guys who deserve to be unbugged in their sunset years) I'm going for this breed.

Doc and DJ are in the islands, so without them around to pop in or offer to cook us dinner, it's pretty quiet socially. We actually don't have much social time as family members seem to take up our discretionary time. Which is good, I'm truly blessed to have so much family around me, and to be close to all these wonderful supportive people.

A bumper blueberry crop kept me on my toes for weeks now. It's a game as to who gets the most blueberries, me or the cat birds. I think I've won.

The garlic crop was not so hot...I know that we have to loosen up the soil big time before we plant again in the fall. What I did get is aromatic and lovely, but the bulbs are small.

The yard is looking good thanks to The Tree Man LLC who rid us of dangling limbs and sun blocking branches.

The inside of the house cries for help but summer only lasts so long in Connecticut and I believe in being outside if I can when the weather's nice. Speaking of which, it's time to water the plants!

Another boring contribution to Tchotchkes. hahahha

ps I did see a rose breasted grosbeak at the feeder a few weeks ago!