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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I just love the beginning of the school year.

Even though I am not heading off to school anymore, I still remember the thrill of my new pencil box, shoes, first-day outfit and the overwhelming feeling that this year was going to be my best one ever.

More then New Year's Eve, I feel the start of the school year is a time when changes can and will happen; promises to oneself can be made and expectations can rise. So happy new school year to every one big or small starting off on a new adventure in what ever grade from kindergarten to post graduate work!


Last night we revisited The Twisted Vine restaurant in Derby and to my delight, the food was as delicious this time as the first time we went. They really have it going on in that place: wonderful value, superb food, friendly staff and great ambiance.

I met the owner, Joyce, who's adorable and also happens to love Maine Coon cats too! Last time I mentioned this restaurant I thought someone else owned it. I apologize Joyce for not giving you credit!!


My tomatoes are coming in over a pound a piece...they look like red pumpkins and I have more than I can eat - wish I could hand you one through the computer screen as they are so sweet and juicy and the best we've ever grown.

Husband made the garlic dills yesterday so in about 8 weeks we'll have some really sour, garlicky pickles to munch on...yum can't wait.

Carpe Diem!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Vick, Vick you make me sick.
It isn't right to make dogs fight.

To kill them if they do not win
must be, for sure, a mortal sin.

The only thing left on this planet that's pure
Is our animal kingdom, of that I'm sure.

Vick, I ask, who was your mother?
To raise a boy who it wouldn't bother

To see a dog ripped, bloody, shred
And wish he'd fight to his earthly end?

You can teach a man or a dog to fight
But that does not make either right.

You had it all, Vick, money, fame
But you lost it all on a betting "game".

Vick, did you get rich on your mental ability?
Oh no, it was just your physical agility.

A trait the average street mutt or tom cat
Could always, I'd bet, beat you soundly at.

My hope is forever you're banned from football.
Which means you won't be able to do anything at all.

I hope in your old age, you'll never get
The joys of having a loving pet.

If that happens then in a sense
You'll truly get a life sentence.


Just came back from a few days at the shore where I managed to burn the tops of my feet. Usually dear husband is the one with the foot burn, but this year I got the honor.

Other news, the tomatoes are finally turning red...about 60 of them all at the same time which is not what I'd hoped for. Want some nice tomatoes?

Finbar missed us while we were away. He actually was sweet to me yesterday - rubbing his head against me and purring. Now I know what I have to do to get any attention from him!

I have to share my computer with my husband now: he's doing a special project on it...I miss my computer time but money does come before fun...or money is important if you want to have fun. Example: I had one small fried dough with powdered sugar, a beach treat I must have when at the shore, and it cost $ 4.50 as opposed to a doughnut which costs 45 cents.

I am anxious to see who comes to mow the lawn this week. We have been in the middle of a lawn mowing war. The guy who I see cut the lawn, Romario, told me that the guy who owns the mowing service, Peter, had dumped the business and he, Romario, was now going to cut the lawn. The next day Peter came by and said that Romario was a liar and that he hadn't dumped the business and Romario was fired. I don't care who cuts the lawn, but someone better come soon and do it or I'm buying a goat.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Top Two Reasons People Come to my Blog

Cat Throwing Up White Foam

All over the universe, cats are throwing up white foam. It's an epidemic. I get at least 10 people a day coming to this blog searching for cats who are throwing up white foam. I must have written about it once or twice in my blog, but you'd think it was a daily topic by the number of people who are interested in such an event.

Purring pukers have reached an all time high in my blog stats and I can't help but wonder if soon we'll hear about another cat food recall. Why else would feline hurling be the number one reason people come to my blog?

Dog with Red Swollen Toe

As many barfing cats as the world contains, it equally contains dogs with swollen toes. What's up with that? Are people putting on steel tipped boots and tromping on their dog's paws? Is there a new dog toe disease spreading its way around the globe?

Why no cats with red swollen toes? Why no dogs throwing up white foam? I don't get it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting Old

Those first signs of aging are traumatic. I could barely sleep last night worrying about how my life was going to change if things kept up the way they were.

Now I'm worried and sad as I can see the future before me: trouble functioning, losses and difficulty in doing the things I used to do with ease.

Yes, I have to admit it, my computer is getting old.

Yesterday I had a complete blow up and lost all my emails and my email addresses. Why I wonder? I was just sitting here, typing away when POOF, flashes of lightning, a growl from the hard drive, a sputter, cough and then a screen without a single icon --then death. I was able to resuscitate my dear Dell, but it's not the same now.

I managed to get myself up and running again but I lost all my new and old mail and even today I'm wondering if it will function properly or will I experience another POOF?

Since my Dell is approaching 4 or is it 5 years old, I know the end is near. My emails have gone to heaven already -- what next?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

After a super busy week, I'm glad to have some down time. The wedding and all of its accompanying activities has ended. No more house guests. No more "have to go somewhere"s for a while. And, today is lovely, warm but not humid with a breeze that smells of flowers.

The blueberries are just about picked out which means one less job for me...yeah! The bush got me in my cheek big time and now I have a red spot where a branch got physical with me.

No tomatoes yet, they are still all green but each one must weigh 3 lbs at this point...I think they think they are melons and not tomatoes.

I'm minding my neighbor's dog for the day and she is such a sweetie I wish I could bring her back to my house, but my boys would not like that and would probably scare her with their barking and fussing.

The lawn man has not been able to get here in almost 3 weeks - I want to give him a start in his new business and stay a customer (he used to work for our former lawn guy who's dumped the business) but I can't go this long without a mow. How many more days should I give him before I hire someone else?

I'm tired and happy to have a lazy day like today. Hope you have a lazy day once in a while - it's good for the soul.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yesterday we had dinner at one of THE best restaurants I've ever been to: The Twisted Vine.

The Twisted Vine is in Derby, CT on Main Street.

If you are ever anywhere near Derby, you should make a reservation and try their food. Our whole table was oohing and aahing and mmmming throughout the meal.

One diner had the gorgonzola filet, she declared it the best she ever had. Another had the blackened scallops and said the same. I had a chicken francaise that rocked the house and even the chicken fingers and fries (for the kids) were so good, I'd go back to have them for my own dinner.

Garlic bread which was served with the meal looked okay but tasted like sheer heaven. Try it! It's a different kind of garlic bread, not crispy but superb in it's own style. The wines we tasted were delicious and the service from Leo was impeccable.

Frank the owner made each guest feel like they were old friends and he's the first person you'll meet when you walk in the door.

I don't know what more anyone could ask for: a charming space, a friendly staff, magnificent food, and prompt service.

Did I mention how great the food was? Well even if I've said it three times, it doesn't quite compare to the gustatory experience of eating the delicious food at The Twisted Vine.

If I didn't have a wedding to go to today, I'd be calling for reservations so I could try something else prepared by the talented chef who knows what she's doing in the kitchen!

I give The Twisted Vine a straight A report card!!