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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Facing off with Facebook

Thank you to all who've invited me to join, and I might still join one day, but right now I see Facebook as yet another huge time waster and I already have my quota.

Plus, I have witnessed with my own eyes, people who within their list of "friends" are sporting the names of their enemies. How does this happen you ask? Well, Sue friends Joan, who friends all Sue's friends including Tanya who hates Joan. Just like that.

And, I hope I'm not breaking any hearts here, but no, you do not have 521 friends...even if that's the tally of your Facebook friend list. You still just have a handful of friends, like it or not.

Another reason Facebook bugs me is this: I really don't care if Sue is brushing her teeth then heading out the door or Joan's mood is elated or Tanya got up at 3 am to let her cat out. Silly.

Facebook, although "in" but fast fading, tops Blogs as the cool way to communicate...but what are you communicating? I'd like to think people put a bit of thought into the written word, even if they're only allowed a small amount of characters it doesn't mean one has to be small in their writing.

Consider the following poem:

You Fit Into Me
Margaret Atwood

you fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye


Not a lot of characters but a ton of character in that poem.

Right now that crystalizes my position on Facebook. Ouch!

I am not now, nor have I ever been on Facebook. Call me a Luddite if you must, but I must get back to Fish Tycoon right now and stop wasting my time. :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was pretty shocked to find out that we had a visit at 5 AM from Bob this morning. Apparently he was hungry and decided that we had the best leftovers on the block, so he chose us to visit at that hour.

I never got to see him myself, but my husband described him with enough detail that I knew instantly who he was.

A beautiful adult bobcat sauntered into our yard, into our garbage can and then left dragging a bag of garbage, good garbage: turkey innards, leftover mashed potatoes and stuffing, egg shells and stale bread plus, unfortunately for Bob, some coffee grounds, behind him.

While he was in the yard, so was Tripper our older cat and Finbar the big fat baby cat who is a total scaredy cat too. Finbar was actually following this grown bobcat out of the yard, but turned back when the bobcat left our yard.

Tripper had the good sense to head for the porch and the open door immediately as Bob was about 4 times his size. Finbar at 17 pounds wasn't as intimidated by Bob's size but prefers his Fancy Feast for breakfast and wouldn't think of eating anything from the garbage, so he reluctantly left his new best friend.

So Fairfield County, don't be surprised to find a huge cat in your yard one morning...I did in mine. You'll know Bob by his large head, tufted ears and bobbed tail. Don't be afraid of him, bobcats are gentle shy creatures. He'll run away once he sees you.