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Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm happy to report that Doc and DeeJay are a few weeks away from legal and lawful MARRIAGE in my fine state of Connecticut! I'm so excited to see these two loving men united in marriage (in a church by the way) after 29 years of being together. What a wait they had!

I've got my dress and I'm ready to sip champagne at my best friends' wedding...I didn't think I'd see this in my lifetime. They had doubts too. I've never been more proud of my state and the thinking people who inhabit it.

So chef-husband makes a delicious chicken and potato recipe in our big black cast iron pot. It smells like heaven and the chef doesn't like to be questioned about ingredients but I see teeny tiny red potatoes, I see some bacon out on the counter; I see hot cherry peppers and fresh rosemary. I see a bottle of wine, but that might be just for the chef. I hear sizzling in the pot and the aromas in the kitchen are amazing. I hear growling coming from my stomach and cannot wait to eat, but wait I must as the chef browns and crisps ingredients then lets it simmer in its juices.

Finally it's time to eat and eat I do with gusto and abandon. Delicious beyond words. The bacon was rolled into tubes and fried to crisp flavorful surprises amongst the chicken and vegetables. Yummy beyond words.

Then the chef timidly says: You removed the toothpicks, right?

What toothpicks I ask?

The ones I used to keep the bacon rolled.


Ah yes, the chef had broken the toothpicks off at the edge of the bacon roll so it would brown evenly. The toothpicks were not high quality, in fact they were so thin they must have disappeared inside the bacon roll. I found one toothpick on my plate...the rest I ate.

Cellulose, yummy!

I could have been put off by the ingesting of toothpicks, but I remembered the last Kraft (I think it was Kraft) grated cheese I bought had cellulose as an ingredient so no problem for me that I ate the toothpicks.

Time for more coffee! ttfn