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Monday, July 27, 2009

First I must release this statement, in response to recent news articles and ca ca do do journalism that insist Crocs are dead: That's a crock!

I still wear my Crocs; I love my Crocs; I shall not give up my Crocs, and I still am cool, very cool. In fact Crocs are cool, your feet never get hot and sweaty like they do in sneakers. Whoever decided to kneecap Crocs must have a hidden agenda. Crocs are good for what they are; lightweight, inexpensive, waterproof, colorful shoes. Long live Crocs!

Next up: Watermelon.

Watermelon farmers must go back to growing watermelons with shiny black seeds. Enough with these pale pink so called "seedless" watermelons that taste like nothing but water.

And they do have seeds, little flabby white seeds as opposed to the wonderfully spitable black seeds that could fly out of your mouth with ease.

These flabby white seeds stick to your chin or hide between two teeth. Kids still pick them out even though they are disguised to look like the same color as the watermelon is: off white.

Watermelons should have red flesh with a green rind and godddamn black seeds. Then they taste good.

Ok I feel better now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

omigod! jesus h. christ! I think I might have found religion!!!!!

I realized that every night before I go to bed I say: Dear god would you please keep Sarah Palin and Michael Jackson off the news...I really can't take it anymore.

And...dum dum de dum, dum dum de dum.

Doc and Dejay are officially married and it was a beautiful wedding. I got to meet relatives of the grooms I'd never met and enjoyed everything about the wedding.

I especially loved the flowing champagne ;-)

The reverend Sara did a find job of marrying these two long-time-together men and making them into husbands. I had fun making the favors and doing the floral arrangements too. Most of all it was so nice to see two people I love very much just become normal everyday folks who live and love in the state of Ct without prejudice and with equality. Bravo Connecticut!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Typos and Family Vocabulary

I love typos.

Through the years, as email has become the preferred way to contact people, I've been subject to, and propagated, more typos than I'd ever seen in the pre-email era. There was a pre-email era, right? (And if so it should be spelled premail.)

The quick and casual responses we all give to email usually spawn typos and some of them are unforgettable to me.

Goof Friday. For years now we've had a standing date at Doc and Deejay's house for prime rib on the Friday before Easter. One year as we firmed up our plans for dinner I typed: see you Goof Friday, and that was it -- a new holiday was born.

One of my all time favorite typos is lesbina. Love the sound of that word. Lesbina, as you might have guessed, is a typo for lesbian.

Apparently Doc has a great deal of trouble typing out the word lesbian and half the time it comes out "lesbina" so he started to prefer the word as in: gays and lesbinas are entitled to equal rights.

Lesbian...I don't know...not as euphonic as I'd like a word to be...sounds German.

But lesbina...it's a lovely word. It sounds Italian, sophisticated and better suits my dear lesbina friends. What do you think?

Another wonderful typo was when a friend wrote to me that her daughter had given up beast feeding. Oh I was so happy to hear that. I don't like beasts and don't think it's necessary for us to feed them at all.

Now Goof Friday, beast feeding and lesbina are all part of our family vocabulary and I include friends in the word family.

If you have any typo stories or odd family vocabulary stories I'd like to hear them.