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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ok, I have decided, I'm going with the woman...I'm voting for Sen. Clinton...It was a dead heat for me re: Obama, John or Hillary until I made the decision to go with the woman, to trust my own sex, to balance history (black men had the vote for 50 years before women of any color could vote) - so based on that and on my heart and soul searching and wondering and worrying...I made that final decision which I hope I'll get to vote upon.

It's a great feeling to know that someone other than George Bush will be president. I just hope to hell people will think before they vote and especially women: I ask you to think hard and long before you vote. I ask you to have confidence in your own selves and not weaken to the notion that we women are not capable of running a country. What is a country other than a family of squabbling kids, finance juggling and smoothing over problems when they pop up which they do daily. Oh yes, let us not forget that not every problem is solved by beating someone over the head -- sometimes finesse is the best way and the only way to end a war or bring a nation together.

I am comforted by making a decision. I hope the young women of this world realize how close they are to losing the right of choice when it comes to their own bodies; I hope the young men of this world realize that war is not macho but an inability to solve a problem without force; I hope everyone knows that our country is now despised and even Canada has us on a list for their citizens which says be wary of the US they, along with Iraq, Iran, Syria use torture on prisoners.

Yes, we are reduced that low.

Come back America...I think only a woman can do that now. A woman knows how to be strong and soft at the same time. It's time for America to get out of the dark ages...isn't it?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hi Friends,

Nothing much new to report. Today is a lazy day for me and I finally have some time to write. Thanks for all the New Year wishes and hope everyone is going to have a stupendous year ahead.

We installed a little gas fireplace in our dining room and now you have to pry me out of my chair to keep me from lolling by the fire. It's so easy to use, no carrying of wood or looking for matches, but I wonder what the gas bill will look like. Still, it's fun to be cooking in the kitchen and looking over to the fireplace and seeing the flames. Very cozy.

Speaking of cozy, I got a great red flannel nightgown from the Vermont Country Store (plus flannel ruffled hat!) from Santa. The flannel is so soft and warm, I just love this nightie...I look like Mrs. Clause, I've decided, as they cut the sizes VERY generously and you could put a couple of me in this nightgown.

I'm on a pasta fagiole kick. Not only is it cheap to make, it is delicious. Yummm. I'm also on a corn bread kick and make it as soon as I eat up the last pan. And, as I do every winter, I get on a salad kick. Sure, when tomatoes taste like cardboard is when I feel the great urge to graze on greens.

All the pets are in a clump in front of the new fireplace and it makes walking through the kitchen into the dining room almost impossible...how can I shoo them away when I completely understand their desire to cozy up by the fire.

The black man got the vote before the white woman; is this what will happen with the Dems? Hillary certainly is intelligent and has experience but Obama with his MLK-style orating complete with tremolo seems to be the one the king makers have chosen.

Poor women, if we are strong we're a bitch; if we're emotional we're hysterical; if we have lines or bags or sags we're unelectable. In this country that is.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm alive! I'm alive - don't worry!! Just so damned busy I don't have much time to pursue my special interests, like time on the computer to play.

I wish everyone a great year and that includes me too.

All is well here, just trying to do what needs to be done.

I cannot bear the political news; the Britney news, the stock market news, global warming news or any other kind of news, so I'm reading and listening to music and trying to avoid the crap I don't want to know or hear.

How about you? Hope all is well out there in blogland. I almost wrote you a Dear John letter then said, why do I have to end something. I'm just not able to write as much as before but I don't need a dramatic exit. You know if I had the time I'd be writing about a lot of nonsense like I always do.