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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Moms,

What is the best worst job in the world? Being a mother. It starts with what women give up to be a mother. First of all, your  pregnancy becomes everyone's business.  Everyone gets to scrutinize what you eat drink, wear or do, and when you are your most exhausted state, you bring home a newborn that needs you more than anything in this world.

More than doctors, more than pretty clothes or a really cool nursery; more than money, hired help or the cutest booties, rattle, or stuffed animal that money can buy, your child depends upon you to be their everything. In the mean time, your boobs are now lower than they've ever been before. Or maybe they are larger and more tender than you've ever known. They get squishy, stretch marks appear everywhere. You even smell differently than at any other time in your life. If you are nursing, these boob changes are not obvious right away, but any woman who's just given birth knows their body will never be the same.

As my mother told me, you'll never sleep the same way again. You'll always have an ear out for the baby monitor, phone, back door opening, door bell...never can a woman sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite, when the bed bugs biting are nothing compared to the deep, committed, loving and protective feelings she has for her child. These feelings commit you to a lifetime of light sleep where you are always half alert to what your child might need or want. Birth mothers or adopted mothers are totally the same when it comes to the overwhelming, paralyzing, incredible love you have for your children.

So to all mothers, keep in mind you are not alone. All other mothers know what you're going through. Some of us wear the battle scars of being birth mothers; others have scars from not being a birth mother. We all are identical in the long run. We all adore our children and hope for the best for them. To all mothers on the eve of Mother's Day, I hope our children grow strong and healthy and end up to be good, kind, happy adults. At some point we have to say, we've done our part, now the rest is up to them. But I haven't found that magic age yet.

Happy Mother's Day!