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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What on earth is going on with HPV and Colposcopies? Someone has lost their marbles in my estimation. Every single woman of child bearing age that I know who is sexually active and has had a pap smear gets the dreaded phone call.

Mrs. Brown? I'm sorry but your pap test came back showing cells and lesions I can't rule out from being precancerous, you have to come in and have a small procedure where we take a tissue sample or biopsy. It's no problem for the patient.

If everyone has a problem with their cervix, then no one has a problem. Just like when everyone is sick, no one is sick. So perhaps HPV or displasia that's so everywhere now I don't have a friend or relative that hasn't been told to have this procedure, well just maybe whatever is on the cervix will just go away or hang around and do no harm.

I could just see men having pieces of their penis removed constantly. Men also can harbor HPV but they're allowed to have it in peace.

Rebel, and don't be scared when they say you have precancerous cells. Of the two choices, wouldn't you rather have precancerous cells rather than cancerous cells? And, let's not forget every single one of us is predead too.

Some one needs to find out who is profting from this test and we'll find out why no woman is safe going to her obgyn anymore.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Should Michael Vick once again be paid millions and millions of dollars and treated as a superstar, after murdering, maiming and making money off of dog fighting? If you've forgotten the sordid details to Vick's disgusting sadistic dog fighting ring, go back and reread how he treated his dogs. I can't bear to type out the details.

If you're repulsed by his actions, then tell the Philadelphia Eagles and their sponsors. If you watch one of their games, wear a t-shirt or put a bumper sticker on your car you are condoning the act of dog fighting, dog mutilation, dog torture and rewarding the true beast in the situation Michael Vick, man born without a heart or a soul.

Shame on the Eagles, one of my favorite teams, and now one I will refuse to watch. If I walk in a bar and the Eagles are on TV I will ask them to change the channel and explain why, if they won't I will walk out. If I walk into a friend's house, same thing. I won't tolerate the flutter of an Eagle wing around me and I'm calling for a complete and total boycott of all things that relate to the Philadelphia Eagles until they come to their senses and realize animal lovers don't forget people who torture animals. They never forget.

Eagles advertisers - let them know how you feel!

Monday, August 03, 2009

On the subject of health care, did you ever notice that people who have insurance are strongly against reform, but those of us, like me, who don't have health insurance think that maybe there should be some reasonable way to insure all people, even me.

How many times has the president said in reference to health insurance; if you like what you have great -- keep it. Why are people so afraid of me getting some insurance?

Reform is for us poor souls who have zero insurance and every single day of the week we risk major health problems because we can't get help with little problems.

Husband and I have both worked - husband especially...worked his butt off, put himself through school with no parental help. Would be working today if anyone cared about the air quality.

In no way do I not deserve insurance...so please, let's stop being a third world country and live up to our potential here in America. Insure all of us, even me.

Thank you and good night.