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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dieting is not fun.

I have found the answer on how to lose weight, however. It's so simple, easy, takes no time, is free and it consistently works. The secret is this: don't eat. Don't eat breakfast and don't eat lunch. Have nothing for dinner and no snacks. There you go.

Okay I do cheat a bit. I make one good cup of coffee with both sugar and cream and then I continue to drink coffee (minus those add ins) till the pot is empty.

I allow myself unlimited water hahahhahaha and chewing gum.

I must enjoy a cocktail from time to time so I drink a 55 or 64 calorie beer as a big treat. Cherry tomatoes are only a calorie a piece so I have a few of those and there's a 45 calorie cup of soup - garden vegetable soup and let me tell you the"garden" must be as big as a postage stamp for all the vegetables you get in this soup.

Sometimes I crush up a saltine in my soup...wow I'm full. Yum yum!

I eat a boiled egg from time to time and have had 3 mini peanut butter cups in the last 7 days.

The weight is leaving me and I hope to get to my goal weight in about 3 weeks when I can eat what I want for a few days before I get back to keeping myself in check again.

I love food too much to be tempted by eating small portions of healthy foods - nah...a stinking banana is 110 calories or more...fruits and vegetables should have no calories so I don't recommend healthy eating...that type of eating is how I ended up gaining weight.

3 weeks to go and counting!