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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Which is witch??

Watching this video of Sarah Palin and her witch hunting friend Pastor Thomas Muthee, reminded me of the lyrics of Destroyer 666's song Witch Hunter.

Witch hunter - seeks a scapegoat
Witch hunter - words blow in the wind
Witch hunter - seeks a way out
Witch hunter - know all that is sin

Witch hunter - herald of plagues
Witch hunter - would kill to morality's name
Witch hunter - the virulent keep
The lies of pigs and their fuckin' disease

There are those who will come to watch you die
To stand around your funeral pyre
And they'll laugh as you're marched to your death
And they dance when the noose is put round your neck

The first to cry and the first to fall
The first to come to the witch hunter's call
The first to curse whatever is free
The first to fight and the first to flee
The first to do whatever is done
The first to sing the witch hunter's song...


Appropriate scary stuff to help us celebrate Halloween, right?

Well we haven't had a witch hanging, crushing or stoning in quite a long time, but it's fun to reach back into time and hold close to our bosoms the nutso stuff from the past.

Breaking News: The criteria Pastor Muthee uses to determine who is or who is not a witch. You must see. Remember you heard it here first.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's an interesting response to my poll below.

"McCain/Palin. I understand the debate of Faith vs. Science, and because of that you see my choice. I truly believe that god does not give you what you can not handle. Sin is in this world to keep us looking to our faith. Without it we become numb. Science is the devils work as it is said he will do anything to lead you astray. I do not preach religion in fact this is first time that I have ever responded to something about this subject, but I felt compelled to show the other side of things. It is easy to fall back on science because we can not touch faith or see it. It is something we are all tested with. In fact, I tend to belive you were a christian at one time and have strayed for some reason. But that is irrelevant. You have your reasons and I don't question them. But it is unfair to point or mock a faith simply because you do not believe. There will always be differences and there will always be a winner and a loser. Regardless of the outcome, nothing will change my faith as I am sure nothing will change your belief in Science. BOTH candidates will be whom they are regardless. Fact is, the world will always be split and neither you or I can change that."

First thanks for responding to the poll.

Second, you are using science to write on my blog so I wonder how you can call science the devil's work? Wouldn't that mean you are hanging out with the devil every time you use your computer? Look around yourself and you will see science in numerous forms everywhere you go in your home. Otherwise you'd be digging a hole outside and pooping in it. Science created your toilet and pretty much everything else in your house. Even the most ardent religious extremists would agree that god didn't make the toilet when he was busy creating the world.

I have faith - my faith tells me that there is no devil or angel or tooth fairy or santa claus or boogie man or monster under my bed. And, I do change my opinions because I always question authority and think for myself. I have to say you sound almost fatalistic in your beliefs, and sad too. I hope that isn't the case.

Anyhow, I am still confused as to why you would vote for McCain and use the above reasons for your vote as if McCain has nothing to do with science and would not use science as president.

Also, just to clarify. I am the least numb person you'd ever meet and have no religious faith at all. Those two things don't connect.

And one more question: do you believe dinosaurs and man were on the earth at the same time? Thanks again for responding. Although we don't think alike, I'd like to think we both think.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well, well, I am looking at polls I just do not believe they are true.

I have never in my whole life been tapped for a poll. I ask you to vote here - anonymously.

So, please let the world know what real people think...no names...just vote:

I'll start with my name:


you next.

Real people; real poll, no names.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have started my quest to find myself a new country.

I am looking for a place that reminds me of the USA prior to the religious right taking over the Republican party and prior to the birth of Karl Rove who will do or say anything to get his extremist right-wingers elected.

I barely lived through the last eight years of Bush et al and the embarrassing lack of intelligence, class, morality and humanity one would expect from the highest leader of the land. He all but ruined our country financially and put into place many laws that have done nothing but remove freedoms and bring us to the state we find ourselves in now. The Patriot act and No Child Left Behind are Bush instituted programs that don't make us more safe and don't make our children smarter, but do the contrary.

I cannot take a McCain/Palin administration especially when I fear it would soon be a Palin administration. I've done two terms of the religious right ruling our fair land and two terms of faith over science and two terms of New Cue Ler and I cannot sign up for two terms of McCain and possibly 16 effing years of Palin.

My new country will have to have a large male population with few females. If females support Palin's sexist and paternalistic views of women then I have to abandon my sisters.

How a woman could vote for a team that believes that if a 12 year old girl is raped by her uncle, she should not have the option to have an abortion --is beyond me. How any woman could vote for Palin with the knowledge that even if your pregnancy would cause you great health problems -- even cause you to be infertile for life, Palin would not allow an abortion if she were king. (With the potential of her influence for 16 years, you could pretty much bet she'd have that supreme court right and ready to overturn Roe vs Wade.)

And, although she has the Viagra vote, I would hope that women made different choices about their own bodies than old white men would.

Her pentecostal church that thinks, just like the Islamic terrorists, that god is on their side; her belief in creationism, literal translation of the bible, anti gay positions; killing animals like the majestic and regal Alaskan wolf and posing with her child and a bloody caribou corpse is such a turn off to me.

Her sexist remark (the only real one I have heard during the campaign) what's the difference between a Hockey Mom and a pit bull? Lipstick! -- illuminates just how much this woman despises other women -- and insults all women, Hockey Moms or not. Actually it also insults Pit Bulls too.

And, Palin doesn't like cats. Now that really hurts.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Now that huge blanket covering 17 year old Bristol Palin makes some sense.

I guess all that abstinence education fell a little short.