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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cheap birthday party idea for girls: Project Runway!

I hate the word cheap but sometimes it says something more than "inexpensive." For example, if renting a clown for a birthday party usually costs about 200 dollars an hour, then finding a clown who'll come to your house for 100 dollars an hour is a good bargain, or inexpensive...offering his or her services at a price less than the average.

I mean cheap. So here's a cheap way to have a fun party -- Project Runway for the little models and designers in your life!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The history of the Murphy bed

You know about his law, but do you really know anything about his bed? Read here to find out how the Murphy bed was invented and why.....!

I love my dentist.

You can go to his website: http://www.drkozinn.com and email him or call him at
(203) 372-6640.

He's located at
961 Huntington Turnpike Bridgeport, CT 06610.

And, as we all know, our doctors or dentists may be fantastic, but half the time the "girl at the desk" makes our lives miserable. Not so with Doctor Kozinn. Each member of the practice is outstanding.

So don't wait, call him up and get your teeth looked at. He is used to scaredy cats and cowards because I have been going to him now for a few years, and I'm the worst patient when it comes to being afraid. I just wish I'd started going to him years ago...

Monday, January 24, 2011

P U Brew

Maybe Pepe Le Pew would like "skunked" beer, but most beer lovers think it stinks.

"Oh that brand beer always has a skunky taste," says a woman to her boyfriend as she points to the Heineken beer he's selected to buy.

Wrong.... Here's the scoop on skunked beer. Cheers!!

Red Poop from Birds at the Feeder

Connecticut bird watchers, are your birds leaving red droppings under the bird feeder? Why are my birds pooping red? With all the birds found dead or dying around the globe, I can't but feel worried about my faithful friends who visit my feeder daily. Red poop or purple poop is not strange when birds are eating berries saturated in color, but what about in the dead of winter? I'm concerned.

Spend the cold winter days making "Faberge" eggs. Once you learn how to make Faberge eggs you can create works of art suitable for gifts or to decorate your home.

"Faberge did them best, but you can make your own and it's not only fun, it's inexpensive. Beautiful, jeweled and decorated eggs - faux Faberge - are not just for Easter, but look gorgeous on a Christmas tree or in a large glass bowl on a dining room table."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

You can market your small business without spending a fortune. Sometimes, little things can do a lot and mean a lot to your prospective customers.

Little things can make big impacts. The small business owner is usually functioning on a shoelace budget: overworked, overbooked and often understaffed. Don’t let the day to day stresses of running your own small business ruin your potential to grow your business. Here are ten ways to make an impact with your customers or community with little impact to your savings account.

Keep your teeth white without special costly treatments.

You can make your teeth whiter or appear whiter if you try some of the age-old tricks to having white teeth on a budget. Best of all, none of the tips will cause gum sensitivity!

I must say though, one of the reasons I love old movies to see the women with fuller hips and the teeth that are teeth color and not toilet white.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get married -- Gain weight!

Who knew that a simple "I do" could lead to a fatter you? Extra extra read all about it!

So far today, I've had a Northern Flicker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, a Downy Woodpecker and a Hairy Woodpecker munching on suet with a lovely fat brown wren, species unknown, fighting the woodpeckers for some his share of seed-spiced fat.

We indulge our birds in the finest of seeds and suets and they reward us with the constant pleasure of watching them up close through the dining room window.

More snow is coming on Wednesday so they say -- guess we'll have to fill up the birds' larder when we do our own.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snap, crackle pop!

Reasons why you shouldn't crack your knuckles

It won't cause arthritis, but it might lead to divorce: reasons why knuckle cracking should be left behind with your 6th grade math book.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tex-Mexican Chihuahua Cuisine?

Research proves early 'Texans' dined on dog

Americans love dogs with a passion. We buy them gourmet food, tailor-made clothing and collars studded with semi-precious jewels. Perhaps our indulgent, over-the-top love for our canine friends stems from the fact that throughout history, we have benefited from the loyalty, bravery and companionship of our “best friend” and, as researchers now believe, our one-time source of food....


Poor little doggies. I wonder if they were served with slaw?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Enough with the dead birds already. Thousands of dead fish too. It's starting to creep me out.

When I was a kid I had a bird land in my hair and get stuck...must have been a bad kid hair day. I still can feel the utter terror of it all, until he was able to extricate himself from my crowning glory and fly away. But even after we parted company I had a mild case of the shakes and an over production of my lacrimal glands.

Birds give me the willies, but I do adore that at the same time...from afar, behind my dining room window where the feeders hang and my regular winged guests come for a snack.

So, this new report of birds falling from the sky in Sweden has me on edge. I hope this is it now. Avian flu is one thing but avian psychosis is another...