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Monday, December 14, 2009

I have to give a plug to Dennis and son for the wonderful birthday party they provided for a young relative in their Duckpin Bowling establishment. Devon Duckpin Bowling, 551 Naugatuck Avenue, Milford CT 06460 -- www.devonduckpinbowling.com -- has package birthday parties that offer a sparkly clean place to listen to music, bowl, and play arcade games too. The kids were thrilled with the pizza which is also provided by Dennis and son in their birthday package. The physical building has been around for quite a while but it looks "new" due to the TLC it has received from the new owners. 203-882-1867 is the number to call for any party you want to have with bowling as the main feature. You won't find a better host than Dennis or his son...thanks guys!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pen for hire, that's me. Inquire within or at marybb1@gmail.com. I write:
product reviews
book reviews
poison pen letters
love letters
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or anything else you can think of.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I'm sorry for Tiger Woods and his problems but it sure has been nice to have Mrs. Palin in the background for a while. I do not understand how Palin keeps on keeping on and who on earth can listen to her without gagging. May more sports legends cheat on their wives so that she can continue to run in the background of the news like the malware she is.

Obama worries me; I feel he doesn't represent me now...he's too mainstream for my blood and now more soldiers in the middle east when does it end?

Now by saying I'm not happy with Obama, I in no way mean I would have prefered the old man and his toy or any other republican. I've made a sacred vow I shall not ever vote for a republican again for as long as I shall live.