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Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'd rather have a great burger than a fair steak any day. Some days I'd rather have a good burger than a good steak. Other days I just want a burger over any steak, even an excellent one.

Yesterday, I had the joy of eating an Angus Burger at Metric on 39 Cannon Street in Bridgeport.

It was my dream burger: meat that tasted like heaven, mushrooms caramelized with onions and mixed in with melting cheese, wonderfully smoked bacon and a fresh roll from the city.

Huge as it was, I managed to eat the whole thing and woke up this morning thinking it was time to have another.

I can never figure out how the same ingredients can be ho hum at one restaurant and magnificent at another. I have to give credit to Chef Pierre - he sure has a way of elevating even a simple hamburger to a state of perfection.

If you are in striking distance to the Metric, go have an Angus Burger and experience what a really fantastic burger tastes like!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Fasta Pasta

You've seen it hawked on TV. A rectangular plastic box that comes with a top complete with vents to drain the pasta after cooking. This is the second " sold on TV" item that I've grown to love. The first is the Slanket...a blanket with sleeves - we all got one this Christmas and we all look like fools in them but boy are we warm and cozy.

The Fasta Pasta also gets an A plus. It works so easily - just remember to keep the top off until after the pasta is cooked. Easy peasy clean up --no long wait for the pot to boil...lightweight and quick - I love it and I'm going to experiment with veggies during garden time. Energy saving and minimal clean up makes this funky item fun and practical. Well fun is a stretch. That's probably an exaggeration.