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Thursday, November 30, 2006

What's on my Last Nerve

I have been trying unsuccessfully to buy an MP3 download of Riu Riu Chiu by the Monkees.

Yes, I said the Monkees, but if you haven't heard it, you can't understand why, I'm sure. It is one of the best renditions of this Christmas Carol I've ever heard and I want it and I am frustrated out of my mind that iTunes doesn't have it and I tried to download it from WalMart and that was a complete failure . Although I'm a computer klutz, I did pay my money, followed the directions and ended up with odd, scary things on my computer but no Riu Riu Chiu.

Next up that is irking me to the bone is Dr. Phil and his latest 2 part show which I didn't watch in its entirety, but featured the line: "He touched my peepee. " This was said by a crying child, Dr. Phil, and about 10 other people and it was said over and over and over again, in both Part I and Part II and in promotional snippets, sound bites, repeated at the beginning and end of each segment and generally is stuck into my gray matter for all time now.

He touched my peepee.
He touched my peepee.
He touched my peepee.
He touched my peepee.

You get the point.

Talk about exploitation! I have no idea if the father did molest the child or the mother coached the child to say such a thing, but Dr. Phil at least should know better than to broadcast this crap and expose this poor child to the world just to make a buck.

Britney's labia, now that's another overexposed and often, not-so-pretty-image that's circulating the net. Scroll to Britney Does it Again: Forget the 'Oops'

CelebritySmack...(who I love and visit frequently because she's so witty and funny and gets pictures that no other blogs seem to have) recently posted the above photo and others because apparently Britney loves to show off her naked cootchie. I wonder what her little boys will think of these photos as someday they'll see them I'm sure.

My last rant is on shoes. If I have a pair that's comfortable, then they're not chic. If they're chic they're not comfortable. Why do I have to choose between comfort and the coolness factor? Can't anyone make a pair of shoes that is both chic and comfy???

So, what's on your last nerve??

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Menage a trois ; eating the head off the angel; and smiling while eating the mini christmas tree.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In honor of World Aids Day, Bristol-Myers is donating $1 to AIDS every time someone goes to their website and moves the match to the candle and lights it.

Give a buck!

111902 candles lit so far!

Online Shopping: The good, the bad and the ugly


Good lord it's been a bad shopping experience over at MLB.com online store. Remind me to never buy anything there again! I should have checked out Bizrate as there are numerous complaints about their service. So, I advise you to steer clear of the MLB online shop!

I don't understand some retailers, online or not, who don't seem to give a rat's ass about their customers. Why don't they go into another business; one that they might care about? I also don't understand why a mega-organization like Major League Baseball would allow such incompetence to be associated with their name.

On the flipside, a great place to shop for children's toys and other items is Kidsurplus.com. These people know what they are doing. Shipping is so fast it's amazing. Send out an email and you get a response quickly. Prices are the lowest I can find on the net, and many products that they aren't allowed to discount per manufacturer's request, they ship for free. They are so friendly and nice it makes shopping a true joy and I spent a goodly amount of cash in that friendly environment for that very reason.

This year I had trouble with Amazon.com but minor in comparison to the MLB store. Amazon used to be my go to store and I wouldn't comparison shop as they shipped so quickly, seemed to have reasonable prices and were very dependable. This year it's been different. They don't ship in a timely manner; don't tell you if something is on back order and aren't so magnificent that I no longer comparison shop. Now I only buy from them when I can't get it anywhere else or by some stroke of luck they manage to be the lowest price. Sad about Amazon as it was my very first online store I ever ordered from and I have been very happy with them up to this year where they dropped the ball bigtime.

Abercrombie was wonderful and I expected them to be. They shipped quickly and the ordering process and confirmation emails were professional.

Brylanehome.com gets an A plus as they ship extremely quickly and have numerous deals like free shipping and percentage off coupon codes. Last year I bought a few glass cannisters from them to try out their merchandise. What I bought for less than $20 was exactly the same as other retailers were selling for twice that price. Don't be afraid to buy something from them, every item I've purchased has been better than my expectations. Many items they sell are the exact same products as you'd find in pricier catalogs for a lot more money.

So happy online shopping for those people like me who'd rather shop in jammies at 4 AM in the morning than haul my butt out to the stores and deal with the parking, crowds and invisible sales people.

Be sure to check out Bizrate and Complaints.com though if you are ordering from a new store. If I had done my homework, I would have seen numerous complaints against MLB.com and I would have chosen another way to buy sports related merchandise.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I’ve been going over the Google searches that have brought people to my blog door, and I noticed that cat puking and Ivory soap in the bed sheets for leg cramps were top searches since Thanksgiving.

I wonder if turkey is responsible for leg cramps. Maybe turkey is also responsible for cat puking too. I don’t know. But it is odd to have so many people so interested in soap and puke in the last few days.

Waxing testicles shows up periodically, but I have to think it’s not quite the fad it once was. That search used to be number one but is now down on the list.

It has been replaced with dog has swollen toe; bumps on testicles and sex with Grandma, in case you want to know.

One last thing, for the people who show up here because their cat is throwing up foam or their dog has a swollen toe, ear, tail etc. How about you should take your animals to the vets instead of coming to my blog?

I worry about your animals and sometimes it keeps me awake at night.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is more of a test to see how the photos look than a post where people have to feel obligated to say my animals are cute. Notice how my camera went apeshit and did a split screen photo in red and blue ala Andy Warhol...wow, wish I knew how I did that.

Yes, the whole floor is filled with dog hair and cat hair; I haven't vacummed in there yet.
In one photo it looks like the cat is dead, but he isn't.
In another Beau is looking scared because he knows a cat fight is sure to ensue.

So let's see how these came out.

Husband’s last day of work is today, so I won’t be around much till next week, I would suspect.

I can’t remember a more busy time in my life and I am always stunned as to why each year seems more filled with obligations, chores, or even invitations and fun events.

I’ve got a good handle on xmas shopping and have even wrapped some presents which is amazingly early for me. But now the spare room which has to be fixed up for our overnight relatives is back looking like (I think I described it like this last year) a bomb exploded in FAO Schwartz.

I can’t imagine what my mental state would be if *I* were hosting Thanksgiving!!! I only have to make a few dishes and show up.

I have written the dullest posts lately, and I guess that means I’m dull, but I think it might be because dull as I am, I’m busy and dull.

It is amazing, but the addition of another animal in the family seems to have tripled the work involved. I seem to always have a litter scooper in one hand and a vacuum in the other.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and make sure you carry your own Tums wherever you are dining!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Isn't Finbar getting big?

Finbar still loves to sleep on Beau and Beau hates it but is tired of getting up to get away from him so is accepting the fact that he is just one big pillow to Finbar.

There was an odd screeching in our back yard and husband and I ran to the window to see what was making that noise...a wild turkey!

Made me feel badly because I'm so psyched for T-day yet here was this beautiful animal...maybe beautiful is stretching it...but a live animal sitting on the roof of our shed, screaming as if it knew about the Tday slaughter coming up.

I tried to get a picture but he flew away before I could turn on the camera. Bummer.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

So, who’s cooking your Thanksgiving feast?

I’m lucky that I will be spared making the dinner but I am going to a fabulous cook’s house where I know we’ll dine in style and with yummy food.

I only have to bring broccoli au gratin, an apple pie which husband will make, and mashed turnips as I love them but the host et al doesn’t so I’ll bring my own turnips.

They’ll have guests ranging in age from 3 to 87 – and it should be a wonderful time.

When I was little, Thanksgiving was all about turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy – I think that was all I’d eat.

The older I get the more I lust for veggies and they now have an equal importance on my plate, but – they have to be fancied up with something…thin slices of toasted almonds, or cheese sauce, or sautéed garlic or cranberries and bacon or lemon and honey or all of the above though I’ve never made a veggie with so many accents, I bet it would be good…Just make my veggies interesting --anything other than a plain old bare naked veggie will do.

Maybe the best part of our Thanksgiving tradition is, at the very moment the last plate has been carried into the kitchen, on goes the Christmas carols!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mental Orts

Rachael Ray is starting to morph into Oprah. I finally saw her talk show and she was very very tan, had on false eyelashes and Oprah hair. She's also gained weight and the overall impression I had was that she's doing more than partnering with Oprah for business purposes, she's actually turning into Oprah.

Finbar is back from the vets, a good sized 5 pounds 9 ounces and doesn't have to go back till January for neutering. Poor Finbar but I know it's for the best.

Lieberman is saying that he won't rule out becoming a Republican. Isn't he the cat who ate the canary? He can be a threat to both sides and finally be the big cheese he's always wanted to be.

Brit's dumped K-Fed but I know she's already on the prowl for a new loser dude to hook up with. It's not all her fault as what classy guy wants a gum snapping, sloppy, burping bimbo to call his own?

Once I thought she had something special albeit juvenile, and I wonder if she does have any talent and can come back as an entertainer.

I must be pretty happy as I'm having a hard time coming up with a list to give out as xmas hints. It's not that I have so much stuff, but it's that I don't need or want a lot of stuff.

I already have more CDs than I could play in a lifetime and more books than I would need to start a library.

I want pizza and I want it badly so either I go out for it today or I make one at home, but today I'm having pizza at some point. My desire is so strong that I believe I need it for medicinal purposes: I'll go crazy if I don't have any. I missed my Friday night pizza as I wasn't feeling hot and wanted to stay home. But my body demands pizza once a week and if I miss a day I must make up for it.

The New York Times printed a recipe for Italian style rustic bread that husband made this weekend. It is a winner. Beautiful to look at, crispy crust, lots of holes and a wonderful flavor.

It's a no knead bread and only has flour, yeast, salt and water as ingredients. Amazing!

It does take a whole day to make...actually it's more about waiting. You let it rise for 12 - 18 hours!

So, I don't have much interesting to say yet again. Not sure where my brain has gone lately but I don't mind periodic dumbness as long as it goes away.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

$160 at the groomers for two dogs and I got back, yes clean dogs, but one super pissed off at me (just look in those eyes) and one dead to the world.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Weekend!

Count your blessings and your toes!

I'm going out shopping to see if I can find a dog bowl big enough for me to play in.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Connecticut Votes for More War!

Newscasters have called Connecticut bipolar, bizarro and schizophrenic because we voted for anti-war Lamont in the primary but went back to pro-war Lieberman for the senate race. (They were basing those comments on election predictions that unfortunately came true.)

Ned Lamont who was against the war, did not get the votes; Lieberman who ran as an Indpendent and accepted lots of money from the Repubs, and is a super hawk, did win. Real Republican candidate, Schlessinger got no support from the Repubs.

CT decided to put Chris Shays, war supporter, back in office even though he's traveled to Iraq so often it makes me wonder if he has another wife and more kids there. Even witnessing the death and destruction done to a country and our troops for no reason, Shays still supports the GD war. We voted him in so I guess we in Connecticut like and support the war in Iraq and we aren't representative of most Americans who say: Get our troops out of Iraq.

But, there's a bright side: we have the majority in congress, and have picked up other seats too.

Looks like the Connecticut National Guard will be calling up more troops to serve in Iraq since the state is so supportive of the war. Shame on Connecticut!

I'm anti war and I approve this blog entry!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Election Day but Why do I Feel So Sad and Mad?

I got a call last night, a robo call, asking me to vote no matter who I voted for, my vote was important.

I wish I could get into a conversation with the robo caller. I'd like to say to him to stop telling people to vote for just anyone and instead tell people to vote Democratic, just this one time, and let the Dems have a shot at fixing the country as the Repubs have had 12 years of running it into the ground.

Why, I ask myself, have average Americans decided that the Republican party best represents their issues and concerns? Whatever happened to the idea that Dems were for the working people and Repubs were for the rich?

Dems are going to raise taxes? Yes, they are --on the rich people who can well afford to pay taxes rather than get hefty tax breaks from the good old boys in their club.

We've got Republicans coming out of our collective arse and they're spending money like there's no tomorrow...(Oh, well, with Iran capable of making nuclear weapons...or should I spell that nucleer? -- maybe there won't be a tomorrow.)

How about a little balance in government for a change. How about electing some people with brains rather than family connections? How about electing someone who will represent me, a middle class woman who isn't rich, who is for choice, who is against torture, who is against invading other countries on lies or deception, who believes in democracy rather than theocracy or autocracy?

I am bummed because the Republican rhetoric seems to work.

"Activist judges"; "tax and spend Liberals"; "cut and run";"family values", like Dems don't have any of those...all have become the mantra of the Repubs and because the Democrats aren't as successful as coming up with phrases that will stick to people nor do they (except Lieberman) have the evil Rove to lead them down the path to hell (and not by good intentions), I fear for my country.

I'm not a Republican but I voted for Republicans in the past -- not now --I will never vote for another Republican until George Bush, Dick --and he is --Cheney and Karl Rove and that ilk are long gone from the political arena.

Unfortunately, unless Dems become better with lies, dirty tricks, secrecy and backroom deals, I fear that our country will be run by Republicans (I'm including Lieberman) from now on.

And that means that the war in Iraq will go on and on and on just as Bush said it would.

I also believe that if the Democrats had power and control over all three branches of the government and there were no opposing Republican voices to be heard for years, our country would not be as sound and good as if there were balance and both parties were part of the process.

To Rove I say: nice job with the Saddam Hussein verdict splashed across the papers since you have done such a good job connecting Saddam with 9/11 (no connection folks) that many people think this is marvelous.

Good job on the gas prices being lowered!

Good job on stifling American scientists so they are literally "run out of town" if they talk about global warming or stem cell research.

Good job in helping the doltish prez to keep his job while giving up our country's integrity.

I say vote, but unlike my robo caller, I say vote for Democrats and let the Republican Party know that they don't have a lock on the voters' loyalty and they are not above the law, and they aren't representing Americans who by a vast majority want to get out of the Iraqi civil war.

Rant over!

Monday, November 06, 2006

It's a Topsy Turvy World

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dear Connecticut Voters,

If you are receiving many annoying robo-calls that start out saying something like: I have a message about Diane Farrell, and you hang up and get mad at Diane Farrell and say to yourself: I’m not voting for her because of all these damned calls, please be advised, the numerous Diane Farrell calls are being generated by Republicans and are purposely annoying and plentiful to get you mad so you’ll vote for Chris Shays.

If you do stay on the line and listen, after the initial misleading statement, you’ll hear a laundry list of accusations against Farrell. These calls that come late at night and early in the morning are obviously not from her campaign.

Nothing but a dirty trick.

Lieberman, Lamont, Schlesinger?

If you have any confusion about who you want to vote for, I want to ask you this question: Are you happy with the Iraq war, think it’s going good and support the president’s “stay the course” philosophy?

If you say YES then you have a choice between the Republican candidate Alan Schlesinger and the “Independent” candidate Joe Lieberman.

If you say NO then you have no choice but to vote for Ned Lamont.

Having Washington stacked with Bush sycophants will certainly give you exactly what you’ve had from the Bush clique in the past and nothing new will occur.

We’ll watch the death toll rise, while our own country’s integrity is being undermined.

Having a senior senator from your state isn’t worth a fig if he’s voting for policies that you disagree with, actually it’s worse because he does have the power to challenge the president on Iraq but chose to “stay the course” at the expense of his constituents who have repeatedly said enough American soldiers dead for the benefit of a president who either lied about the war or was too stupid to ask the right questions before leading our young, people to slaughter.

Ned Lamont does not have to be a seasoned politician like Lieberman to do good for our country. His wealth gives him freedom from lobbyists, and special interest groups. It also gives his ego enough of a boost that he doesn’t have to be a senator to be someone.

He will be one voice out of a hundred; but it will be nice to have a new voice for a change.

I fear that Lieberman believes he’s nothing if he isn’t a senator and needs that job for his own sense of self. He’s desperate to stay a somebody.

But I dilute my point. It is pretty simple really and does come down to one issue mainly.

More war; more dead; more millions and millions spent in Iraq? Vote Lieberman or Schlesinger.

Bring our troops home? Vote Lamont.