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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I had so much fun last weekend I'm still recovering from it. Doc and DJ had a big deck party with a mixture of sexual orientations, straight couples, gay couples, straight singles, gay singles and my favorite female couple in the world, W and L and a sprinkle of family members. Ages ranged from early 20s to mid 60s -- a more eclectic bunch you would never meet. Wonderful food and booze and conversations and I laughed more at that party than I have in 3 months.

I don't get to see W and L very often and that's a shame as I love these women so much!

We met them when we were vacationing in Provincetown a few years ago and were hoping to do a repeat vacation but the place we stayed at The Brass Key has changed ownership and the thrill is gone.

One of the gay guys who I'll call Mr. B is a handsome guy looking for a partner. Not just a sexual partner though my guess is that would be a nice bonus, but a life partner. I told him I'd find him a match so why not try here on my blog?

Mr. B is educated, slim, tall (everyone's tall to me but I think he's tall), kind, funny, well-groomed, artistic, a theater lover, very youthful in appearance and looking for a gentleman oh I'd say late 40s to 60 who's preferably a guy's guy type (what is a guy's guy actually?) -- you know, someone who can give a good bear hug, change a tire-- a work boot, jeans, flannel shirt guy that is looking for a true heart relationship with someone who will appreciate the blue of his collar and wants a real companion. Applicants must be sensitive and kind; hard working, and not just looking for an "encounter" but a person to love and to be loved by. Interested? contact me!

Ok, enough matchmaking...

I must check my counters for ants. I don't want to talk too soon, but I think the Softscrub with bleach that I've slathered all over the counters might have turned the little buggers off. I hope so.


Friday, May 30, 2008


I hate them with a passion. This year for some reason they have created a whole colony in my wall...at least that's what I think because I've never had so many so often for so long.

Every April, on the first beautiful day, they'd appear. I'd take all the necessary steps to rid myself of them...pouring pepper by the counter back splash. Keeping all foods off the counter by the sink which is where they pop up their filthy nasty little heads. Making barriers of Soft Scrub with bleach...strewing bay leaves around and powdering the counter as supposedly they don't like talc.

Within a few days I with the big brain would win over their teeny weeny brains and they'd be gone for a whole year.

Then I could leave anything I wanted on the counter and they wouldn't go near it.

This year the new crop have higher IQs. So much so that they have hopped over to my safe counter under the microwave and jumped into my Entenmann's Pop Ems chocolate covered doughnut holes box where I found them feasting their ugly little heads off.

I don't like the looks of them dead or alive. I don't like being on alert at all times waiting to see one appear out of thin air -- but I really hate it that the little bastards ate my doughnut holes.

I am beginning to wonder if the ant buttons we placed under the sink was a mistake. We've never done that before. Usually my animal safe peppers and soaps and orange peels and herbs and spices have made them leave. These buttons are ant bait...so actually we are asking them in by the odor of the buttons, and they are supposed to eat the delicious poison and then bring it back to the nest. I think this new crop of ants has developed immunity to the poison, are enjoying the sweet treat under my sink and then exploring my counters looking for other sweet treats -- like my doughnut holes.

Other than ripping out my counter tops and cabinets, I can't imagine what else we can do to get rid of them. We've sprayed everywhere, starting off with an earth friendly spray and moving up to the most horrible poison we could buy. Still the little buggers are there, taunting me and eating my Pop 'Ems.

I wonder how they'd like it if they found me feasting on their ant buttons?

So as I write here upstairs in the office, my heart is hoping that downstairs, I've managed to shoo them all away with my witches brew of ant repellents.

Happy Sunny Day to all except the damn ants.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Obviously I don't have much to say now, do I? Well I do have a lot to say, but I just don't feel like saying it. I'm trying to let my world worries, my political angst, my concerns over poverty and cyclones and drought ( and on and on) not permeate every second of my life and dwell on all the lovely things in this world.

One thing to be noted is how ridiculous it is in the North East to adopt a pet. A friend is looking for a dog and unless she turns in her SS number, her last tax return and a note from her mother and middle school principal, she can't adopt.

I went through holy hell trying to get a kitten and was treated like I was a serial cat killer, looking for new blood.

I'm not sure how these hoity toity rescue groups think they are helping animals. The woman who's looking for a dog will give that dog THE best life in the world. She lives on 4 fenced in acres in a lovely high end town and has plenty of time and money to devote to a dog.

So, instead of giving a homeless dog a park to play in and a warm, lovely home to live in -- she's going the breeder route. Good Job Rescue Fanatics!

I'm reading a fun book, La Cucina...lusty, humorous, lots of talk of food and the heroine isn't beautiful but middle-aged and over-weight - refreshing for a change. I read half of it last night and am taking it outside with me to finish and to get some rays.

I dream of Bush-free days and harmony and world peace. Ok, I'll settle for Bush-free days.

Monday, May 05, 2008

When you wake up tired on Monday morning, it's not the best way to start the week. It seems like lately we are "booked" all weekend and some week days too. I need an inhouse vacation. I don't want to go anywhere, just get a vacation-like feeling right in my own home.

I suppose if I put the animals in a kennel, unplugged the phone, hired a maid and cook for a weekend I might get that vacation feeling. Oh well, that's not going to happen for sure.

I have nothing exciting to say. I've taken some volunteer work on which is taking my time and trying to help with the yard work as dear husband is quite busy lately.

Have you ever taken your car in for a recall and had them fix the recall problem and not find another problem for which they want to charge you? Just wondering. One of our cars had a recall and I just knew we'd get a phone call about another problem needing fixing. As predicted, they called and wanted to fix a coolant leak for $1000. No way. I'll take it to a local guy we use if necessary. For once it would be nice if a recall didn't come with a sad sounding guy telling me unfortunately when doing the recall work they found...fill in the blank. It has to be a scam is all I can think of.

I have to go hang my laundry out. Yes, I am such a good girl saving energy and money (dryers are big culprits in energy use) by drying clothes on a line. I like it; clothes smell good and I get that pioneer feeling. I do not have a clothespin bag, so right now the top of my overalls are covered with pinchy clothespins. I look like a porcupine.

Hope everyone's well and happy...a gorgeous day in CT so I hope you're having one too.