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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I love writing online content. Recently I did some blog writing for a fabulous client --and by writing copy for him I ended up falling in love with Coach sneakers and beaded clutch handbags.

As soon as I can, I'm going to treat myself for my hard work slaving over the keyboard and find a nice pair of "Coach sneakers" -- they're all nice but I can't decide which style to get although I leaning towards the hightops with the buckles.

Doing research about beaded clutches got me intrigued and interested about the style and then it happened: that first flutter in the tummy area that indicated love or at least infatuation. Now I have even more reasons to rake in some cash as I am a closet fashionista and my closet confirms this title.

You can find my work -- (Tierney O'Hara is my pen name) on Helium at http://www.helium.com/users/417196. I have a large body of my work posted there for anyone to read and a bio that details some of my past work.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moo -- I'm currently a cow in two content farms: Helium and Textbroker, but I'm always looking for new jobs.

I actually love writing content, especially blog content because as you can see - I've been blogging for a while and that was back when I didn't get paid to spout my many (often controversial) opinions of life.

I write under a few names: MaryCT or Tierney O'Hara or plain old Mary Bishop but it's all me, my words and my work.

So look for me in one of the content farms or you can become one of my private clients I have outside of Helium or Textbroker-- both exceptional businesses for finding good content quickly and at a reasonable price - but by hiring me directly you also get to interact with me personally, discuss the project and have instant feedback from me as you can contact me through my email: Marybb1@gmail.com.

I love writing, marketing, advertising copy, anecdotal fiction - you name it I've probably done it in my career to date.

So moooooooooooooooo. I'm here if you need me, just trotting around the pasture and chewing my cud. :-)