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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Excellence, perfection, our evening last night at The Capital Grille in Stamford, CT was the best dining experience I ever had. It's hard to pinpoint one moment in time where each morsel of food or drop of wine was so superior that you could actually point to this time and place and declare such an encompassing, sweeping statement. It's true though...not even my wonderful Bombay Cafe in Alabama can compare to The Capital Grille.

From the minute we pulled up to the front of the restaurant and 4 gentlemen in red jackets opened our doors helping us out of the car, to the walk out of the restaurant where a bowl of tiny, sour balls wrapped in sparkley multi-colored foil papers gave us a chance to sample one last treat, the evening was one I won't forget.

The champagne we had at our table was comped by the restaurant in honor of two major celebrations we were all celebrating. The table had two cards from the staff wishing us a special day and special it was.

Starting with the plump, pink-tinged shrimp, sitting on a mound of ice with a hot sauce that needed nothing other than a shrimp dipped into it, to the delicate creme brulee, and out-of-the box cheesecake and everything in between, we were heading for a food coma for sure.

The scallops we had as an appetizer (we were sharing..no one could eat as much food as was served) were phenomenal and I don't even love scallops. The mac and cheese, hate to sound so plebeian, but I must say nothing compares to it in it's buttery, cheesy, crispy crumbly goodness, except maybe the outrageous scalloped potatoes. (I brought some home with me to dissect and evaulate in hope of finding out what the chef did to make this dish so amazing.)

The chef, Richard Delgado is a master chef, iron chef and my personal celebrity chef because he was responsible for the incredible edibles we were served. Not only is he a super chef, he is super kind as he stopped by our table to wish us a good evening and allowed me the opportunity to thank him for making the best food I'd ever eaten.

Our personal servers, our captain who I didn't get his name unfortunately, made this evening one I can't say enough about as you can tell. The chopped salad, you must have this delicacy as it was such a cold crisp counterpoint to the warm, cheesy mac and cheese and scalloped potatoes; the asparagus were tender but with a crunch and the bread basket looked more like a art sculpture with soaring pieces of flat bread mixed in with small, crispy rolls.

Maybe you realize it by now, but I haven't even mentioned the filets we all had. They must have been taken from happy cows as I never had beef this good before. No need to order your steaks a step up in the rare to well ladder as you often have to do in steak houses just to get the amount of doneness you want. I said medium and got medium.

Thank you Richard Delgado for such a wonderful meal and thank you to everyone from the valet to the dish removers for your attention to detail and the TLC you gave us last night. If I could I'd be back tonight. One thing is for sure, I will be back!

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