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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bad Ad, Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman may have fired his campaign staff after he lost the Connecticut primary for senate, but I think he needs to do it again.

His latest political ad is the pits.

"Joe Lieberman thought you might enjoy a break from Ned Lamont's negative attacks. So just sit back, and think about - good stuff," a soft woman’s voice says.

Then it shows the sun on the horizon with gentle waves in the foreground.

A setting sun.

(I’ve since learned the Lieberman campaign is saying it’s a rising sun.)

Point is, my first impression, maybe yours too, would be a setting sun and a setting sun is a metaphor for the end of something, not the beginning of something.

The ad stinks, plain and simple. If it’s that ambiguous as to whether the sun is setting or rising, then it is a bad ad.

As a Lamont supporter I revel in Lieberman's poor choices for advertising.

But as a resident of Connecticut, I have dealt with his poor choices in the senate. As a Democrat, I’ve been appalled at his poor choice to become a Bush/Cheney/Rove butt-kisser, and as an American I’ve been heartbroken by his overzealous cheerleading for the Iraq war.

Just how many times can he fire his campaign staff?? I wish he’d fire himself and drop out of the campaign.

“Stay the course” is the setting sun for Republicans. Three quarters of voters say they want to get our troops out of the Iraq civil war and put them to better use fighting to protect US citizens against terrorism.

Remember Osama bin Laden? The sun is still rising and setting on his much alive head.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday and My Claws are Out

I’m not good enough to adopt a kitten, but I’m smart enough to know John Mark Karr didn’t kill Jonbenet Ramsey. So maybe I should become a pet-hating detective!

I am still bothered by the fact that a good family was deemed a bad pet family because we won’t lie or sign an avadavat that we will never allow our cat outside. Nor will we get rid of our dogs nor our adult cat nor small children, ours or yours, in order to adopt a cat.

(I’ll get over this I’m sure, but I’m ready to start a “Do Not Spay or Neuter Your Animals League”, so that people like me can adopt a pet someday when there are enough homeless animals around. I don’t really mean this of course.)

The best part is, money talks. If I chose to go to a breeder and plopped down a big fat wad of cash, I’d bet you I’d get the pick of the litter, no questions asked.

Trying to move on from this disappointment and pissed-offment, I am greatly thrilled that “Crying Game” has left my brain and I currently don’t have another bothersome song stuck in my head.

I read a letter to the editor in my paper which said: The next time a politician goes to Iraq, he or she should take along a rifle and participate in this war they support. Iraq war supporters should want to go to Iraq and fight. I would if I believed in the war.

You know I don’t go to church, I detest “religion” (but not spirituality) but I did end up in an evangelical church for a wedding on Sunday. I braced myself for the event – it was a family member getting married and I had to go.

It only lasted about ½ hour which was doable and the church was very new, bright and open feeling. There was no tortured man on the cross, just a plain old cross and lots of flowers.

With meditation, deep breathing and the courage of a lioness, I didn’t faint or exit abruptly, but stayed through the service.

I was the first one at the bar though at the reception.

A petty thing but what would you do?

A certain family member is having a picnic on Saturday. She comes to many events hosted by the “family” but never brings anything other than a bottle of wine, if that. She always brings extraneous people with her like her adult children’s friends, her latest boyfriend and his sister, etc. She never pitches in to help set up the food or clean up the food and has never made a salad or dessert for these occasions. Let's put it like this: she attends our picnics dressed in silk with high heels.

Now she’s soliciting “dishes” for her picnic, I wrote back I’d bring some wine.

Was I fresh?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

We Were Jonathan Binged

For those who don’t know the poem read below:

Jonathan Bing

Beatrice Curtis Brown

Poor old Jonathan Bing

Went out in his carriage to visit the King,

But everyone pointed and said, "Look at that!

Jonathan Bing has forgotten his hat!"

(He'd forgotten his hat!)

Poor old Jonathan Bing

Went home and put on a new hat for the King,

But by the palace the soldier said, "Hi!

You can't see the King; you've forgotten your tie!"

(He'd forgotten his tie!)

Poor old Jonathan Bing,

He put on a beautiful tie for the King,

But when he arrived, and Archbishop said, "Ho!

You can't come to court in pajamas, you know!"

Poor old Jonathan Bing

Went home and addressed a short note to the King:

"If you please will excuse me, I won't come to tea;

For home's the best place for all people like me!"

Just like poor old Bing, husband and I went out on Saturday to a pet adoption fair. We came with our checkbook, pictures of our pets and a good attitude.

We left with a pretty bad attitude as we were told we weren’t fit pet parents!

First, it seemed to bother the animal do-gooders that we already had three animals. How could we adopt a cat if we had dogs. I let them know that our dogs came into our home when we had three cats. The dogs learned from puppyhood that cats are kings in our house and all five animals, three cats and two dogs, lived very happily together, even snuggling up to each other by the fire – a lump of furry purry bodies intermixed with two tail wagging pooches.

Would the cats be near little children? Little children didn't know how to handle cats. I assured them that any little children near my animals quickly learned how to respect and be gentle to our animal family. Miss Prim Pet-Protector looked doubtful.

Then they had numerous questions about our current cat. Was he friendly to other cats? I replied yes, he loves the cats across the street, two females, and spends most of the day hanging out with them.

That response appalled the you-can’t-adopt-my-cats woman. You let your cat outside?

Yes, he loves the outside.

You let him outside without a harness and leash? Terrible!

She let me know then that she would never allow me to adopt one of her cats as they had to be inside cats.

I told her that as kittens, they always started out as indoor cats, but eventually, they’d get interested in the outside and sneak out the door – once out, they were even more fervent about finding a way out again.

I told her we live on a cul de sac, the second to the last house.

She told me that hawks and foxes and coyotes could eat my cats.

I said that we lived on a very manicured ¼ acre of land in suburbia and didn’t even have poison ivy in our yard never mind foxes and coyotes.

But the damage was done. Just like poor old Jonathan Bing, we were sent packing.

I feel sorry for the kitty we might have adopted. He would have had one wonderful home, warm and cozy in the winter and ACd in the summer. He would have dined on Fancy Feast and Friskies, slept in our bed and would have had two big dogs and one big brother cat to play with.

Hope he fares as well in his new home.

Sign me both Bummed and Binged

Thursday, August 24, 2006


(So Happy It’s Thursday)

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about days of the weeks and the seasons, I just have to say that Thursdays don’t get their due.

Thursdays in my house are leftover days: leftover food gets eaten; leftover chores get done; leftover emotions get purged if I can do it.

I don’t like going into the weekend carrying the baggage of the previous days with me. Disagreements, worries, slights and insults can all fester if not dealt with and so I choose Thursday to dump the bad feelings and worries that seem to pile up.

This isn’t easy. Heck I’m still dealing with trying to get the G. D. “Crying Game” song out of my head. I am trying to replace it with another song and am currently attempting to substitute something by Elton John…maybe Blue Eyes which I love, or something by Leonard Cohen. Chelsea Hotel” can stick in my brain too…for one month these lyrics intruded my mind whenever I was mentally vegging:

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,

you were talking so brave and so sweet,

giving me head on the unmade bed,

while the limousines wait in the street.

Those were the reasons and that was New York,

we were running for the money and the flesh.

And that was called love for the workers in song probably still is for those of them left.

Ah but you got away, didn't you babe,

you just turned your back on the crowd,

you got away, I never once heard you say,

I need you, I don't need you,

I need you, I don't need you

and all of that jiving around.

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel

you were famous, your heart was a legend.

You told me again you preferred handsome men

but for me you would make an exception.

And clenching your fist for the ones like us

who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,

you fixed yourself, you said, "Well never mind, we are ugly but we have the music."

And then you got away, didn't you babe...

I don't mean to suggest

that I loved you the best,

I can't keep track of each fallen robin.

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,

that's all, I don't even think of you that often.

I have to dig out my Cohen CDs – hmmmm --now I’m wondering if I even have this on CD or just cassette which I never listen to anymore but can’t part with my collection either.

Cassettes are leftovers; they’re definitely Thursdays.

I guess that’s why I like Thursdays, sometimes it’s necessary to deal with ones leftovers…

What leftovers are you dealing with today?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bad News: As if we all didn’t have enough to worry about…a column in my paper by a respected veterinarian is warning that pop-top cat food cans can are made with a substance that can damage a cat’s thyroid. I’m assuming that this also applies to pop-top dog food cans. Maybe even pop-top human food cans.

I know it doesn’t relate to pop-top beer cans; if that were the case I would have died a long time ago.

Good News: Two recent polls taken on the Lamont, Lieberman (Who is that other Republican guy?) senate race puts Lieberman and Lamont in a dead heat. What makes this even better news that at first glance is that almost 30 percent of the people polled are undecided.

My guess is that after 18 years of Lieberman, his sore loser campaign as an independent; and his continual nasty campaign style, those independents will mostly go for Lamont.

Bad News: More troops are being called up for Iraq. In the past, there was a steady pool of volunteers to send over to Iraq, but now the Marines have to insist some troops go, like it or not. How sad.

Good News: Paramount pictures has severed ties with Tom Cruise. They cite his recent behavior as part of the reason for the parting.

I say let Cruise become as invisible as his new born daughter. Take Katie with them and move to an alien planet filled with bug-eyed, couch-hopping Scientologists. Bring Oprah too, for that matter.

Bad News: It looks like we’re going to have another bungled, brouhaha over the death of Jonbenet Ramsey. Leaks, false information, media mania and lack of solid police work will take this case and once more turn it into a circus filled with clowns which is criminal.

Will Jonbenet ever get out of the cowgirl outfit and off the stage?

My theory on who killed her remains the same: Occam’s razor --When faced with two or more possible explanations for a situation, choose the simpler one.

Good News: Fall is my favorite time of the year and this morning I could smell it in the air.

What’s your season? What’s your reason?

Monday, August 21, 2006

I’m glad it’s Monday. I Love Mondays.

We had a busy weekend filled with lots of good food, friends and more alcohol than I’d care to think about right now. So Monday means back to normal life. Reasonable eating and drinking reigns and more sleep and less fun – but I’ll end up living longer because of Mondays.

Mondays always make me think I can make a fresh start. I can change bad habits on a Monday but never on a Sunday.

Mondays I really feel like cleaning my house. Fridays I do not want to clean anything.

I floss more on Mondays than I do on Thursdays. I start diets on Mondays and brush the dogs on Mondays and pay bills on Mondays.

At 8 PM on a Monday, you’ll find me in jammies, snuggled up on the couch with a book or CSI --wrapping it up for the day.

At 8 PM on Friday you’ll find me out for dinner beginning my fun night.

Mondays are the worst day of the week to have a birthday or anniversary.

Other than that, Mondays are very cool and very necessary; they bring order and routine, very needed after a wacky weekend.

I am very thankful for Mondays, for the start of a new week; an early bed time; a quiet peaceful evening.

Mondays don’t get the respect they deserve.

Friday, August 18, 2006

It’s Friday – Hip Hip Hooray!

I love Fridays.

Husband ordered this book: The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters.

Quite a title I’d say. I have no idea what it’s about, I don’t think he knows either but he said the title was so compelling he had to order it.

A recent poll shows Lieberman ahead of Lamont in the senate race. I’m okay with this. I think Lieberman will lose support and Lamont will gain support in the weeks ahead. I do think Lieberman doesn’t play fair and should not have run as an independent. But, at least his true self -- (a Repub-dependent) is out in the open now.

I’d love to see the over-the-hill Hawks send their children to Iraq, if they think it’s such a good thing to send “our” children. And I wonder how long “stay the course” would be their political philosophy.

It reminds me of the suicide bombers. Doesn’t one of them ever think: heck why don’t you blow yourself up oh big shot religious leader – why do I have to blow myself up? You go first…

The ones in power are always so happy to urge, threaten or cajole others to put themselves in danger…. while they stay healthy and safe.

Current food craving: Hot Fudge Sundae

Current song in my head: Crying Game, Boy George

Current favorite item of clothing: my new cargo pants with lots of buttons and strings and pockets in a light weight denim.

Current bitch: Electric bills that make absolutely no sense at all and you could never challenge the charges because they are all gibberish.

Care to share your current craving, song in your head, item of clothing or bitch?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jonbenet Ramsey Case: Is it Solved?

I don’t think so. I just don’t think that John Mark Karr is the guy. They’d better have an incredible amount of evidence, and even then it just doesn’t seem to make sense.

If you recall, there was a long involved ransom note combined with a dead body in the same house. According to investigators, you never get both at the same place. Also, you never get a long-winded ransom note and you never get a ransom note written with a pen and pad that came from the home.

The ex-wife of the alleged killer says he was in Alabama, not Colorado during the Christmas holidays of 1996 when Jonbenet was found dead.

There are some loose ends here that I’d like to see sewn up as this case has bothered me for ten years now.

I hope that Karr is the killer but authorities are not disclosing enough evidence for me to suspend my doubt.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Today I am helping the yellow house, green shutter lady paint her new swing. I offered to help because she has a rotator cuff problem and is recovering from shingles. She is very nice to our family and shared her most delicious Eggplant Parmesan with us last week. Her husband, who is retired, always brings in our garbage cans and watches out for our house.

So I think it’s only fair I help.

In the process of getting ready to go over at noon for my painting gig, I looked for some old clothes and shoes to wear. I looked and looked. Apparently in my last clothing purge, I got rid of all the clothing I wouldn’t mind splattering paint on.

This is amazing. I really had to look hard to find something to wear and what I came up with isn’t exactly ready for the trash bin, but is my least favorite cut off jeans and my least favorite tee, which is nice and soft but huge on me…

I guess I have done a good job of dumping clothes I don’t want or don’t like.

My current craving is for avocadoes. Anyone have a recipe using avocadoes that isn’t guacamole? I love da guac bigtime, but I’d like to branch out and find something else to do with them. Two years ago I wouldn’t have touched one with a ten foot pole, but tastes change.

Anyone buy Donald Fagan’s Morph the Cat album? If so, do you like it?

That’s it, going to finish up my coffee and get ready to paint!

Happy Hump Day!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Monday

Saturday night I dreamed that the world had come to a virtual end. I was still alive, looking for other survivors among the twisted metal and piles of bricks and debris.

It was eerie to say the least. I was amazing calm in my dream, telling myself that this was no time for hysteria; I had a lot of work to do as my intentions were to seek out my family members and find who, if any, were left alive.

I woke up in an odd mood on Sunday. The dream had left a melancholy veil over my usually happy-to-be-alive perkiness. I still have some lingering feelings deep inside of me.

I keep hoping that the Middle East will settle down. People will do what is necessary to save themselves and their families from waking up for real, in the world I described above.

I am an eternal optimist. I believe that good triumphs over evil; that we are all brothers and sisters and we all want the same, simple things in life: the safety and happiness of our family; a roof over our heads, something good to eat and a nice fitting pair of jeans.


Saturday, husband gifted me with a new and very expensive metal bird feeder. He likes it because the perch has a weight control device -- if a squirrel or a big bird like a Starling or Mourning Dove lands on the perch it shuts off the area where the seed is stored.

Only little birds can eat at this feeder and the top is sloped so no birds can stay there for long…they slide off, moving their feet as fast as Roadrunner but getting nowhere until they eventually slip off the roof.

I’m not so crazy about this birdfeeder. One reason is I’m afraid that little birds will be at the feeder craning their tiny necks into the seed trough and a big bird will land and they’ll be decapitated. Husband says this can’t happen but I’m still concerned.

The other problem is the slippery slope of the roof…I’ll admit I laughed as big birds careened off the roof, but it’s like laughing at someone who slips on a banana peel. You get the initial reaction of nervous laughter then the secondary reaction of shame for laughing.

Then there’s the design. It looks like it was manufactured on another planet. It is not aesthetically appealing. I guess the old wooden one covered in bird poop wasn’t real pretty either.

So I, like my birds, will adjust to the new feeder. I’d better adjust as it cost about $80 for this high-tech, anti-squirrel, anti-pest bird feeder!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lieberman is Losing ( not only elections) but his MIND

As a blogger, aren't you getting sick of Liebs blaming us for his loss? Come on, this is getting nuttier and nuttier. I'm a normal woman who lives in a normal house with a normal family doing normal things and I don't like being demonized one bit.

I don't like being called unAmerican because I used my American privilege of casting a ballot. I guess it's only okay if I blog and vote, providing I vote and blog for Lieberman.

The AP says:
" Lieberman is also getting support from some Republicans, including U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy, the GOP Minnesota Senate candidate; and Mike McGavick, the Republican Senate candidate in Washington.

President Bush's top adviser, Karl Rove, said he called Lieberman on primary night and wished him well, although he denied offering the senator help in the election's final hours.

"I called him, he's a personal friend, and I called him Tuesday afternoon, five o'clock thereabout, and wished him well on his election that night," Rove told reporters traveling with the president to Wisconsin. "It was a personal call."

Why is this the conversation I can hear in my mind?

Rove: Joe, how'd that website crash work for you? As promised, your name and your website was repeated all day long. The hounds at Fox, worked Lamont over like he knew where Osama bin Laden was. We pointed the finger at Lamont and the sheep went with it.

Not one person thought about who'd benefit from crashing your website. I told you. Facts don't count. I'll help you with another self-sabotaged event -- bigger better next time. Maybe your campaign headquarters can be "bugged" I have some experience on that one.

Joe: Fab job Karl. The press loved it. You did good. God's on our side.

Rove: Cheney sends his best. Now tell me again why (Credit Union Legislative Action Council) CUNA (www.cuna.org) spent so much money sending out campaign literature supporting you? I mean they dumped a ton of bucks on their hokey Joe ads they stuffed in mailboxes daily. So now, what do you owe them?

Joe: I'm not a Greenwich millionaire, I needed money so I made promises and compromises. We'll talk more but not on this line...it isn't secure. (homeland security and all that.)

Hey Karl, keep talking up terrorism and linking it to bloggers and Lamont and Iraq --we'll be scott free.

Make people dump out their shampoo, perfume and Vermont Maple Syrup at airports and blame Lamont and bloggers. In fact, anything that happens from now on will be placed on the heads of bloggers and people who think staying the course on the Iraq war is not a good idea. Got it?

We'll shut those bloggers up.

Rove: Sure Joe, then we'll talk about what you owe me now.

Joe: Hey, be careful. Do you know who you're talking to? I'm the guy that lost the Vice Presidency of these United States. I also lost the nomination to run for president and recently just lost my incumbent position as Democratic nominee for senate, Buster. Look out.

Rove: So, you're a member of Weight Watchers?

Joe: No way, I'm as slim as ever.

Rove: Keep in mind, losers only win in diets. Joe, you owe me big time.

I Smelled Rove, I Ate Eggplant

Interesting that Karl Rove was in touch with the Lieberman camp on Tuesday…I told you I smelled something bad in the air.

I guess I’ll be talking more politics here than usual, but we’ve got some unusual things going on in our state. Dumping an incumbent who did everything he could to win -- short of calling in the National Guard – that says a lot.

Now having him run as an independent – this is going to create a circus in my state

Last night I had the best eggplant parmesan I think I ever had. My neighbor used to own a restaurant and she cooks like no one else I know. She was kind enough to pack up a whole casserole for me. This was extra good, and I found out why – she doesn’t bread the eggplant, she dips it in flour and beaten egg and then fries it. It was so light, sweet and delicious I can’t wait to finish it up at lunch.

Tonight I’m going out to a rib joint that makes succulent sweet and spicy ribs to die for. I’ll also have sweet potato fries because they make the best.

Good eating days for me, as both dishes are two of my all time favorites that I just don’t have often enough for my taste.

So what’s cooking at your house?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sore Sport

Joe Lieberman is a sore sport. And that really is too bad.

I didn’t expect him to dance the cha cha if he lost, but I did expect him to maintain statesman-like behavior. I expected him to congratulate the winner, Ned Lamont. I expected his "concession" speech to acknowledge defeat in a dignified manner and then of course, to rev up his supporters for his run as an Independent.

Instead I saw a man who truly believes that he is better than, greater than and smarter than the people he represents in the state.

In the past I have voted for Joe Lieberman. In the past he was a more visible part of our state. I did believe back then that he listened to the Democrats who with their money and sweat, got him elected; that he did listen to the people of Connecticut and respresented our agenda, not his own.

Then it became obvious to me that Joe got too big for his britches. He decided he could do whatever he wanted to do without listening to either Democrats or his constituents in general. He had a higher calling and he knew better than we did --he disappeared from our state to become a Washington Senator. He put himself on a pedestal and looked down on us. He sided with the Religious Right on emergency contraception after rape and the Terry Schiavo brouhaha. He put a halo over his head and crowned himself moral king of the nation.

Joe brought out every big name he could to stump for him. He used every trick in the book to get votes. His people called my house relentlessly and filled my mail box with junk mail. But it didn’t work.

Incumbents almost always win – when they don’t there’s a strong reason for the loss. Joe lost because he no longer cared about what Connecticut citizens thought: he knew better.

It was sad to see such a sour grapes performance from a man who ran as Vice President only a few short years ago. His arrogant speech at the end of the night was a pitiful way to end a career as a Connecticut Democrat. I was embarrassed for him.

If he wants to run as an Independent, that’s fine with me. At least it will be a more honest campaign than pretending to represent Democratic values. He hasn’t been a Democrat for a long time.

If he wins in November or not, I will always remember his whining, sniveling, speech last night. Blaming Democrats for being partisan; blaming “bloggers” as if we are all attached at the hip sharing one universal view of the world. How silly.

Truth is this: It’s okay to be holy. It’s okay to be thou. But nobody likes someone who is holier than thou.

Lieberman might think he’s better than his constituents; but we thought Lamont was better than Lieberman. And that’s the way we voted.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

3rd Post today re Lamont-Lieberman

Who is the Credit Union Legislative Action Council of CUNA?

Whoever they are they have sent me Joe Junk in the mail almost daily. I got one today too I hope that this will be the end. They are wasting far too much money on this crap..they should be donating to charities or anything other than giving me more trash to throw out.

I also got oh maybe 5 calls today from Lieberman Electronic Telemarketers. I am so sick of it I can't tell you. Stop calling me for crissakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Lieberman has to be pretty happy about the so-called "hacking" of his web site. He has managed to dominate the news all day long, taking attention away from the real issues: his loyal support for the Iraq war and and his support for the Religious Right among others.

I am glad to say that FOX NEWS is supporting Joe Lieberman! There's a tribute.

Ned Lamont got the support of the New York Times, but hell, that ain't like the old Screamers at Fox News, right?

The Lieberman campaign has overwhelmed my mailbox and my voice mail with insipid campaign material and if nothing else, when I wake up tomorrow, at least I can be glad that will be over, maybe, for a while.

Dirty Tricks and Lieberman's Web Site

If you are anywhere near Connecticut, sniff the air. I smell Karl Rove strong and odious and the smell is permeating the state from border to border.

Breaking News is that someone hacked into Sen. Lieberman's web site and took it down!

Oh my it's all over the news. Call's for Lamont to find out who did it. Calls to his harried campaign manager who's trying to explain that they would never condone such an action and never want such a thing to happen -- their concern is to get out the vote and not have something foolish like this take any time away from the hard work they have ahead today.

As a person who's been heavily involved in politics -- no candidate would want this to happen because the only gain in having Lieberman's site taken down is a gain for Lieberman. It serves no purpose to Lamont. It is an unethical way to get voter sympathy and to cast aspersions on the Lamont team.

Really, is this going to be the reason that Lieberman clings to if he's not elected? Well, gosh darn it all, I would have won if someone didn't take down my website.

Any hacker could have done it, I agree, but I would lean towards a Lieberman supporter looking to upstage the news and put the blame on the Lamont camp.

We call this Rovian dirty tricks...and sometimes it can work.

I hope they find out who took the site down. I know it won't be Ned Lamont, he's a bit busy today campaigning. I doubt Joe Lieberman had time to "crack code" today either.

Could it be a Lamont supporter? Sure and it is equally as likely it was done by a Lieberman supporter. Hell, it could have been done by anyone....or it even could be a temporary computer problem that had nothing to do with politics.

Fact is, a web site up or down doesn't determine an election.

First Bit of News on the Primary Seems Good

My friend called me to speak of his experience at the polls. He was selected to do an exit poll interview by CBS and he and every single person before and after him said they voted for Lamont. Not one single Lieberman vote!

Hope springs eternal!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

I'm a bit worried. They say Lieberman is gaining some ground and I so hope Lamont wins.

Politics can be very disappointing. So I'm prepared to face a loss, but I am so done with Lieberman and so anxious for some new ideas for our state. Alas, as someone said (who?) people get the government they deserve. I wish that meant individual people -- but the masses - even if asses - will always win.

Husband got a new phone from work and it's amazing! It's a computer and a phone and a MP3 player and a camera and probably communicates with angels for all I know. How on earth can all that be in such a small piece of equipment?

Today I took a long ride with my best friend DJ and we blared music and ate pizza and had a great time. It took my mind off of the Middle East, and the primary and gave me a much needed break from gnashing my teeth and biting my nails.

In about a month, the weather is going to change here in Connecticut. The nights will be cooler and before we know it we'll be trading AC for heat. So I really do enjoy being outside on such a beautiful day.

I'm happy and I hope you are too.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sundry Sunday

I find it so amusing that many Lieberman supporters blame the "bad bloggers" for promoting Ned Lamont’s primary run for senate.

One Connecticut Post writer insists on referring to us as blah-gers. Oh boy is he worried about his job. He needs to get a grip: bloggers are here to stay.

You have to give all bloggers credit: whether we are sharing details of our lives; our political views; even recipes – we put ourselves out there and we are unscripted, unbeholding to any one or any institution and we can write what we want to write without an editor slashing our words or thoughts or the PC police removing offending terms or ideas.

We give main stream press the “willies” because we can do many things they can’t do.

We can deliver news instantly, and tell it like we see it with nary a scalpel-wielding Cato to nip and tuck our view of the event.

We can call George Bush a moronic mofo with a messianic complex and not have to worry about our post being bowdlerized by Blogspot.

We can write fuck without being expurgated by internet, naughty-word cops.

One of the reasons I eschew TV is because of the heavy handed and stupid editing that’s done to TV material, especially movies.

I always wonder who these editors are and why they are allowed to see the movie -- naked breasts, sex scenes, filthy talk -- in its pure form, and then for the benefit of the rest of us --and after they’ve had their fill of sex, drugs and foul language – decide what we are allowed to see or hear.

How do you get that job? I want to apply.

Blogworld is the last place on earth where you can really speak your mind. I don’t know how long it will last -- if we keep listing to the right we’ll end up looking at the world with the old :-) perspective….we’ll have to turn our heads to the side to see what’s going on.

But right now it’s a gift to be free and we should all be proud that we are part of a new wave of journalists.

And just like TV could be, if you don’t like what you’re reading on a blog, you don’t ever have to go back to that blog, you can just click it off and find a blog more to your liking.

Speaking of editing, it reminds me of a story I found very funny. I was editing a magazine article about golf and we had a new assistant editor fresh out of college going over previously edited material to see how the editing process worked.

At one point she came up to me with a frown. The article she was reading was about a curse on an Ohio golf course. Because the course was built on Indian burial grounds, an Indian chief had supposedly placed a curse on the course so that any time a major tournament was to be played there, it would rain torrents in revenge.

Seven or eight people including me had gone over the story and it was tight and AOK – so why the frown I wondered.

She says: We can’t publish this. It isn’t nice.

Me: What isn’t nice?

She: His name.

Me: Who’s name?

She: Chief Leatherlips…you can’t make a slur like that in today’s world.

Me: That is his name. I didn’t name him that. We can’t change his name.

She: Well I still find it offensive.


I wonder how she’s doing today.

If she had her way she would probably edit the prez’s name, after all bush is slang for pubic hair. There’d be no people with the last name Dick or Kuntz either.

In high school, we had two Kuntz and one Krapp….really.

Have a happy Sunday and here’s to Bloggers!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Joe Lieberman: Stop Calling my House! (post number two only b/c I'm PO'd)

I just got a another call from the Lieberman camp and I've had it. I get about a call a day -- sometimes two calls and in the mailbox I get one piece of campaign junk from Joe each day. I am sick of it!

Stop calling my house or I'll report you as harassing me.

Enough is enough. These taped calls come at all hours of the day and evening and are heavy handed old-fashioned campaign techniques that do not work. All you're doing is annoying people. People don't like to run to the phone for one of your taped messages.

I am so happy the primary is on Tuesday and Lieberman will stop calling me and sending me junk in the mail...

What an annoying campain he's waging.

Saturnine Saturday

Three people came to my blog yesterday after putting in anti-Semitic searches. I should never look to see my stats, because I do get upset when I see how many sick bastards there are in this world. Is there any sentient being on the planet that really believes that Jews drink the blood of Arab children? Come on….

Then I read that China is demanding another widespread killing of dogs. This also makes me sick.

I was supposed to take my dogs to be groomed today, but now the groomer is demanding that all animals be inoculated against Kennel Cough. Enough already. This is getting crazy. Especially now when many vets are warning that older pets should not be getting gratuitous shots for rare diseases, or for diseases that they already have developed an immunity to.

So I guess I’ll have to live with my dirty dogs, dammit.

On an upbeat note, we’re having dinner with Doc and DJ tonight which equals a good time no matter what we eat or drink. DJ comes straight from his radio show and he’s pumped. I meet him at the door with a Black Russian which makes him happy.

Husband’s cooking something…he always says it’s a surprise so I’ll have to wait till he gets home from the supermarket to see what’s in store for tonight!

Enjoy your weekend dear readers!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Frivolous Friday

1) Friday’s rock because I never cook.

It’s a standing date to go out for pizza and even if I’m not really in the mood for pizza, I keep my mouth shut. It is understood that we will go out for pizza every Friday until one or both of us expires.

Friday mornings I go meet friends for breakfast. So it starts the day off as if it were a holiday of sorts. I love Fridays.

2) The new Ned Lamont primary poll looks promising. If only Lieberman would not run as an independent, if defeated on Tuesday. Three way elections always end up badly. Nader’s been a spoiler in elections for a while now and I’ve gone from respecting him to finding him a publicity hound minus the morals he once convinced me he had.

Lieberman’s independent run for senate will most likely knock off Lamont’s chance to win over the Republican candidate. If Connecticut Democrats want Lamont for senate, and Lieberman then runs as an independent and wins, he’ll be giving us the finger one more time.

I also wish Lieberman would stop sending me crap in the mail on a daily basis and then, “calling” me on the phone with a taped speech.

Go Ned Lamont!

3) It’s cooler now…in the 80s so I put down the top and cruised around town a bit this morning…I love my car. I never want a new one, I only want to keep this one running.

I had the Beach Boys blaring and the combo of the music and the wind in my hair is fabulous.

4) I wish everyone a happy weekend with good food, good friends and good music!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thinking About Things Thursday

(especially super-strength Sunday)

I promise to get over myself and my alliterative titles pretty soon.

But women readers, did you ever have underpants with the days of the week written on them? I will admit that I did, and they weren’t called panties, they were called “Days of the Week Undies.”

They came in a plastic pouch and were colored numerous pastel shades with two kittens frolicking in the area of the pudendum.

They were of cheap, cheap quality (oxymoron) and in just a few short weeks of wearing them I had to struggle with the drooping drawer syndrome due to stretched out elastic.

They also caused me great concern if I couldn’t find a day.

Where is Wednesday? I can’t wear Thursday on Wednesday because something awful would happen. I can’t wear Tuesday on Wednesday because they’re in the wash.

I had a love/hate relationship with these undies and when Friday literally fell apart I cried.

For some reason I must have gone bare ass on Sunday, since Sunday ended up in the best condition.

Sunday showed the kittens going into a house carrying little pocketbooks and wearing hats. Sunday was pink and my favorite pair. It was the last pair to be thrown out – outlasting the other 6 pairs as if it had been constructed from Kryptonite.

Other than a variety of accessories, the kittens wore no clothing.

I remember thinking how strange it was that I was wearing undies that had kittens on them who weren’t wearing any undies.

No undies would have been fine if the kittens hadn’t been anthropomorphized into furry children playing ball on Saturday; hanging out laundry on Monday and doing homework on Tuesday, setting the table on Thursday.

They could sport umbrellas, shoes, boots, hats, scarfs, pocketbooks, roller skates or bows around their necks…but no undies.

Obviously, from the amount of detail and memories I can dredge up from these kitty undies of old, they made quite an impression on me.

I still wonder though, what was up with Sunday?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday Whining and Wonderment

1) Still no shutter color across the street. I have to say I’ve never seen painters work this hard with this much care about their work and in a heat wave on top of it all. I’m writing down their name and number from the sign they put up because the workmanship is amazing.

2) Boy kitty’s brain must be fried from the heat. He destroyed a whole roll of paper towels I’d left upstairs on the floor. It is shredded and bitten and torn into confetti-like pieces. He’s ten years old and not a kitten…so it must be the heat.

3) I am not cool. I used a fork at the Japanese restaurant. I have tried to use chop sticks, even the ones they put an elastic band on so kids can learn, still the food falls all over and gets cold before I can pick up one morsel. So, I might have been the only forker in the restaurant but I managed to get the food in my mouth with precision and timeliness.

4) China Massacres 50,000 Dogs in Anti-Rabies Campaign

Dogs Being Walked Seized From Their Owners and Beaten to Death on the Spot

This headline made me want to scream –it also makes me realize just how inhuman, human beings can be.

The “don’t inoculate; do annihilate” theory of rabies control is right up there with suicide bombers who are told by a non-suicide bomber to go blow themselves up. Why wouldn’t one of them think to say: hey, you go first.

By the way, dog owners were offered a whopping 63 cents per animal to kill their own dogs.

5) If I wouldn’t have to clean the mess up, I would love to crack an egg on the sidewalk today, just to see what would happen. With temps over 100, it would be an interesting experiment.

6) The big whine is today I must do laundry and clean up the crib here. I’ve let it go but today, heat or no heat, I have to get my place in order. I am going to try to stay off the computer. Wish me luck. See you later!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday's Short but not so Sweet Entry

1) Mel Gibson: you said hateful things because you are full of hate.

There is no excuse in the world for your anti-Jewish slurs and I wasn’t big on you before but I think you stink big time now. You can’t talk your way out of it and I sure hope your PR people don’t find a rabbi they can buy to come out in your defense.

2) Paris Hilton: if you put on blue contact lenses and dye your hair blonde, do you think that makes you a blue-eyed blonde? It doesn’t you know.

3) No news on the shutters across the street…they are on coat number two of the yellow paint.

4) It is blistering hot outside which reminds me I have to go and water the herbs!

5) I’m having Japanese food for lunch, can’t wait!